I have nothing I’ve wanted to say for a time so I’m writing a blog about nothing specific but just random thoughts.  I was driving when this came to me so I couldn’t write down anything.  This weekend a hurricane is heading toward the US coast so one thought was about that.

We can’t choose to live in a place with no natural disasters, we can only choose the issues we’ll face.  We can live in places with blizzards, wildfires, mudslides, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, etc.  I’ve chosen a place with hurricanes because of all the wild terrors only those are not a surprise.  People have said, “This tornado came out of nowhere.”  or “The earthquake struck with out warning.”  No one ever said anything like that about a hurricane.  You know when you should leave an area days ahead of time.

I wish I could remember everything.  I forget too much and never built the skill of writing things down so now I get into trouble for missing things.



Everyday I hope I’m not the same as yesterday.  I try to grow, learn, and be a better me than the day before.  I don’t succeed as much as I would like but as they say, one foot in front of the other.

There are some things I did last year that I don’t do anymore.  There are things I do that I didn’t do before.  I exercise a few minutes every morning, not much but more than the nothing I did before.  I don’t eat like I did just a few weeks ago, I have fewer carbs, more veggies, and when I do snack it’s only one serving, not a whole bag.  Just a bit better than before.

One thing I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to improve is needing to take time to think about how I say things.  My wife and brother-in-law are very quick, able to speak well about important things quickly, responding after only a few moments but when I do that I stick my foot in my mouth.  I hope those around me can understand and when my words are wrong, take time to ask me to clarify.  For my part, I’ve been trying to answer more slowly so I can speak carefully, accurately sharing my thoughts instead of the normal blurt that causes hurt.

Weird Al

My two sons and I saw Weird Al this passed week in Clearwater, FL.  It was the first concert in his “Strings Attached” tour and let me tell you, if you like Al at all, go, totally worth it.  It’s loads of fun and full of energy.

The concert begins with about 15 minutes of the orchestra doing fun movie themes, Superman (The Christopher Reeve movies), Indiana Jones. etc.  Then after a brief intermission, Al takes the stage and begins his music.  The first few songs were a jazzy medley of past hits, Like A Surgeon for example.  He then jumped into one of his hidden gems, The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota.  Many of the songs were from his newest albums but some of the biggest hits from other recent CD’s graced the stage.  One of the highlights is the chance to see the Weird One perform two songs he has never done live before.  The most dramatic and amazing of which he introduces by stating that it required the orchestra to have the proper gravitas for the performance, and he didn’t oversell it.  A great show from a great musician.

Memorial Day

I was sitting in my pool enjoying my day and my thoughts focused on work.  We’d had a few pages about servers being offline for a few minutes and some routers being unavailable so I am now connected to my work system to check it out.  I don’t really want to be but it overwhelmed my thoughts and I couldn’t relax.  I don’t know why.

Now that I have checked them, I can’t do anything to fix the page that originally caused me issues but it is a redundant system so no biggie.  I hate my brain sometimes.

Too much entertainment

My wife and I are watching episodes of Teen Mom 2 and came to a realization.  These girls, who are contributing nothing to the world except entertainment, are making more money than most Americans.  MTV, by showing and promoting them, is proving that if you make a bad choice that can be marketed you have the potential to make more money than becoming a productive and useful member of society.  Couldn’t this money be better spent by supporting pregnancy prevention and adoption programs?  We have enough entertainment, let’s see some investment in charity please.

Fallout 76

I have read and heard that a good number of the reviews for Fallout 76 are resoundingly negative and while I find many of the criticisms quite valid, I still enjoy playing the game.  While traveling the wilds of West Virginia/Appalachia as my character I’ve become interested and embroiled in the plot and fate of the missing citizens.  I want to know what happened to them all, how they died.  I mourned the death of the Mistresses of Mystery and was angry at the raiders for destroying a dam and flooding Charleston.  I try to find the wronged and avenge their deaths, even though everyone is gone.  I am involved in the plot and want to follow the story.

I think the best stories draw you in, make you desire to follow them, and involve you.  When you care about the people and their lives, the writers have done their job.  I realize this isn’t for everyone but it’s great for me.  I hope others enjoyed the story enough to overlook the faults.

Watching Dr. Pimple Popper

My wife and I enjoy watching Dr. Pimple Popper on TV,  Seeing some of these people makes me feel so bad for them and thankful for my lack of skin conditions.  Just another blessing in my life that I have taken for granted.  I find it amazing that I have so many wonderful things in my life and lack so may bad things but still take many of them for granted most of the time.

I resolve to be more thankful every day.